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New Layout!

It was very quiet in the last time. And so we had changed the Layout. We hope you like it!
15.12.08 12:47

New Bandmember!

It's official, Die Prallen have a new Bandmember. Her name is Lisa. Kevin and Lisa were in Scotland from 06.10 to 11.10. At an interview they announced it!

Here is the first picture from Lisa! (click)


14.10.07 17:24

The Dancestar Final!

The Dancestar Final will be sending on 01.10.07, but only in German TV!
26.9.07 17:55

Message from Janine!

Janine has leaving a message for her fans!


Hey sweeties,

I'm so happy about your Fanpost. It's so nice from you. When i have time i try to answer to everybody...But this time i have not alot of time, because at the moment we record our first Album andI have moved my living place! But I'm really finde, and you see Kevin and me back on the stage soon!

For this time, bye, I really love you all


21.8.07 17:56

Update Gallery, again!

The Gallery was Updated again, this time there are some Private Photos from the Dancestar Final!

21.8.07 17:28

Update Gallery!

The Gallery was updated. In the Gallery are now some Private photos which they taken from themselves.
17.8.07 21:00

Die Prallen at the Dancestar Final 07!

Die Prallen were on 14.06.07 at the Dancestar Final (A Germand TV Show). When the Final will be sending in the TV is not known yet!
16.8.07 15:44

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